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Trust Payments to speed up investment strategy in the UK

Trust Payments has announced its plans of accelerating its investment strategy in the UK, backed by the UK government’s Kickstart scheme. The scheme, aimed at creating jobs for talented young people typically straight out of higher education, is being adopted by the Trust Payments group in various locations across the UK to support the increased demand for FinTech payments.

Daniel Holden, CEO of Trust Payment commented, “While areas of our economy are suffering greatly, other sectors are having to adapt quickly to the new realities. The Kickstart scheme offers young people the much-needed first job to start their careers. We are very pleased to be able to accelerate our growth plans with support from the government, while offering a fantastic career progression opportunity to young people in the fintech sector.”

Trust Payments is a global unified payments group for global pay-in, pay-out, and customer journey technologies. It aims to help businesses to optimise their sales and customer experience through facilitating speedy and seamless payments. The company is one of the early adopters of the Kickstart program and initially looking to support up to 60 roles across all business functions, from Sales and Marketing to Operations, Technology and Finance. Its single sign-on technology platform can process payments with over 50 global acquiring banks, including its  EU-licenced institution,

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