Growth Strategy

Growth Strategy

Business Strategy Development using the BSC
IBSi has a deep heritage when it comes to assisting clients with strategy design using the Balanced Scorecard framework, and our teams have been doing so with global clients since 1985.

Over a span of 8-12 weeks, IBSi teams will work with client leadership in developing their Strategy Maps and Enterprise Scorecards to track future performance. Or proprietary methodology includes a healthy mix of internal and external assessments, with a strong focus on bringing out key themes and focus areas.

A resulting Strategy Map will outline the top key 20-25 initiatives for your firm going forward, broken up into financial, customer, process, and organization perspectives. Resulting Enterprise Scorecards will help client leadership define initiative owners, measures, units and frequencies for timely performance management and reporting. To close out, we will workshop these results with your key teams and set you on a clear path for growth.

Portfolio Company Growth
On top of providing fund managers with due-diligence intelligence, our teams have experience in and are well geared to, assist portfolio company leadership teams with a holistic set of strategic offerings, with a strong focus on stable growth and quick returns.

Client Cases

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