Analyst Briefings

Analyst Briefings

As a full-suite Analyst firm, our research team spends a significant part of their time in interacting with Financial Technology vendors and suppliers, to gain objective information about their products, services, and business strategies. Vendors welcome the opportunity as this often means that their systems and solutions have the opportunity to be profiled in IBSi’s vast research portfolio, with readers and subscribers globally.

A vendor briefing session typically involves a detailed presentation and demo by members of the product team, to the relevant IBSi analysts, who are given the opportunity to ask questions and take notes.

IBSi’s research team schedules briefings purely based on vendor interest and there are no fees associated with this.

A standard Analyst briefing session lasts for a duration of 2 hours and will cover the following areas:

Corporate overview and history

Company timeline

Product and solutions suite

Partnerships and alliances

Use cases

Customer lists/personas

Other strategic areas

As a pure-play Financial Technology analyst firm, we are focused on covering a range of traditional banking technology and new-age areas in terms of our coverage.

To request an analyst briefing with a relevant IBSi analyst of your solutions or products, fill in the form on this page.

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