Due Diligence

Due Diligence

Due Diligence Support
Our extensive global experience in business due-diligence positions us well to help you conduct a thorough analysis on a short-list of targets, or a specific target company, prior to investing. Through an 8-12 week deep-dive exercise, our SME analysts will help you develop a strong understanding of the market opportunity, determine feasibility, and also probe various aspects of your target’s business model, including their products, services, channels, and current customer base.

FinTech Intelligence
Powered by a knowledge base of 500+ banking industry use-cases and research-based insights of 300+ technology suppliers, IBSi’s understanding of the FinTech landscape and the application areas of digital innovation is unique. The knowledge is also supplemented by our deep understanding of the adoption of technology solutions by banks, with a database of over 18k+ deals across 7,100 banks in 195 countries and counting.

Over 6-8 weeks, our FinTech intelligence offering will give your bank’s technology leaders a birds-eye view of the innovation in new-age FinTech areas, intelligence around which FinTechs are leading, and an indication around which FinTech partners to collaborate with on the bank’s key agendas. Our expertise cuts across the entire spectrum of banking verticals, with a strong focus on improving and safeguarding all aspects of a customer life cycle.

Analyst Block Hours
IBSi’s pool of analysts, SMEs with knowledge covering the global FinTech landscape, are regularly providing our clients with quick off-the-shelf intelligence via our Analyst Block Hours offering. These time-blocks can be subscribed to in the form of various packages. Through IBSi’s strategy consulting group-unit, Cedar, for over 35 years, our teams have assisted bank leadership globally in achieving business and technology transformations. This hands-on practical experience gives IBSi the ability to build out a concise but deep portfolio of practice areas for its banking clients globally.

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