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IBSi’s thought leadership is deep and practical, resulting from 30+ years of assisting global clients in the Banking and Financial Technology world.

Our clients value our independent analyses, super-specialist reputation, in-depth knowledge, and global perspectives on Financial Technology. All of this, combined with IBSi’s global ecosystem of readers, subscribers, and viewers, makes our thought-leadership services a very attractive value proposition.

Be it a carefully curated webinar, featuring industry leaders discussing global Banking and Financial Technology topics, a whitepaper that showcases an organization’s competencies and helps position it as a breakthrough leader, or a case study, that highlights the impact and success a product has had since its implementation in a Bank or Financial Institution, you will find what you need here.

Whitepapers that help convert

Do you spend a lot of your time figuring out the best way to communicate your company’s thought leadership and innovations? Whitepapers are often the answer, and prove to be an effective method to show-off thought leadership and help open doors to potential clients.

Our whitepaper expertise is deep and consists of a library of 60+ whitepapers conducted for global clients, across technology areas.

Some reasons why clients leave their whitepaper strategy to us:

  • We’re super-specialists on everything Financial Technology. Our knowledge is in-depth, all the way down to key systems, their versions, and their global use cases.
  • 30+ years of legacy in the global Financial Technology world. We’ve lived the digital transformation alongside our clients. Together.
  • Our teams bring deep operational and hands-on knowledge in designing IT strategy and executing system implementations for banks. In short: We know what banks and financial institutions want and care most about.
  • Our expert research teams recommend 3-4 topics based on the client’s strategy and target audiences
  • Content is primary and secondary research-based, and is authored by IBSi research team members, consisting of subject-matter-experts across technology areas. A truly research-focused approach to thought leadership.
  • Fast tracked and efficiently conducted with a first draft ready within 4 weeks.
  • IBSi’s vast global network gives us the ability to offer strong pre, during, and post-whitepaper support across marketing, research & editorial content

Typical IBSi Whitepaper Program Outline

  • Fast tracked and customized to client needs. All done within 4 weeks or less.
  • Post an initial call, IBSi’s research team recommends 3-4 topics based on the client’s strategy and target audiences
  • Client finalizes strategy, selects topic, and jointly develops a table of contents along with IBSi.
  • Program kicks-off between client’s product specialists and marketeers and the IBSi team
  • IBSi’s primary research approach includes 3-5 in-depth conversations with industry executives and key client contacts, conducted by IBSi’s lead analysts. Additionally,  this also includes conversations and insights with IBSi’s group company, Cedar’s consulting teams, consisting of individuals with first-hand banking advisory knowledge and experience.
  • IBSi’s secondary research approach includes external analysis of data and trends, using research platforms and tools, along with strong internal analysis using IBSi’s proprietary knowledge base of over 10,000 pages of research, news articles, vendor intelligence, platforms, rankings, and lots more.
  • A final whitepaper output is developed and clients are given the opportunity to suggest iterations. Launch strategy is activated.

IBS Intelligence helped us develop an insightful whitepaper titled “Distributing Financial Products The New Paradigm”. The IBSI team was able to simplify a fairly complex topic related to the role of Order Management System (OMS) in structured financial products. This white paper helped us in our marketing and communication strategy to global audiences.

- Milind Kulkarni CEO, FinlQ

The IBS Intelligence research team developed an insightful and high-quality whitepaper titled: Digital-Only Bank - a full range of opportunities in the European financial sector. It was developed in a fast track mode with robust secondary and primary research involving banks and other industry experts. IBSI vigorously supported Sopra Banking Software in marketing and content syndication.

- Alexandra Michel Former Head of Product Marketing, Sopra Banking

The need for digital banking has never been greater than it is now, especially in the Covid-19 pandemic situation. In light of this, IBS Intelligence helped us develop a very insightful white paper titled, ‘Importance of Digital Banking Platform in Post COVID-19 Environment’. This paper captures the market trends (expectations of external and internal stakeholders) thoroughly, and shows that a strong and a timely research process was utilized. This together with a well curated webinar has helped, and will help us, effectively communicate and position ourselves with our global audiences.

- Harris Marcou Business Development Manager, NETinfo

IBS Intelligence assisted us in developing a thought leadership whitepaper on payment as a service that was based on extensive research. It helped us get an expert view with shared knowledge from both IBS and BPC clients. The report was a hit from its launch and continues to help position BPC and its new paytech Radar Payments as a thought leader in the space. If you're looking to put together a Financial Technology focused whitepaper, IBS Intelligence is the perfect partner.

- Nadia Benaissa, Marketing Director, BPC & Radar Payments

In cooperation with IBS Intelligence we managed to put together a great paper discovering the role of digitalization in the collections industry. I really enjoyed working together with colleagues from the IBSi team. They were very responsive to our thoughts and could deliver a high quality paper with a very fast turnaround time. I can wholeheartedly recommend the IBSi team to work with.

- Adam Kocsis, Partner, Head Of Professional Services, Loxon Solutions

Terrapay and IBS Intelligence coproduced an insightful whitepaper exploring the space of payments in financial services. The IBSi team brought a deep understanding and a fresh take on the topic. With collaboration at the helm of this partnership, the process - from research to writing to designing - was smooth sailing and done a fast-track basis. IBSi also was able to get strategic insights from market participants, which was very valuable and an important part of the output. Working on the whitepaper with the IBSi team was a great experience.

- Sneha Dwivedi, Deputy Manager- Corporate Communications, Terrapay

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September 01, 2022

Sustainability has become one of the most critical areas for every organisation across different industries. Sustainable SCF (Supply Chain Finance) is a means to implement sustainability measures in the supply chain. This paper introduces the concept of SCF and provides an overview of different stakeholders involved in SCF programs and the benefits for each of […]

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July 26, 2022

Embedded Lending has opened a new realm of possibilities, especially for small businesses by digitising the process of disbursing credit. In a world of “everything-as-a-service” we have seen the emergence of Credit-as-a-service (CaaS), which can integrate credit into different ecosystems, create new user experiences, and leverage the transaction data generated by customers’ purchasing behaviour. Through […]

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July 21, 2022

Microservice Architecture Bankers are now choosing a more agile and resilient model – a microservices based approach to building app architecture. As conventional banks adopt digital technologies to compete with agile tech companies that are slowly entering their space, the time is right to switch from monolithic to microservices architecture. Download Now

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IBS Intelligence - Offering certainty in an uncertain world: Digital first approaches towards debt collection to increase recovery effectiveness

July 19, 2022

The global economy is slowly recovering after getting ravaged by the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020. The pandemic introduced multiple uncertainties, such as supply bottlenecks and higher input costs, which are plaguing businesses and forcing them to hold more liquid assets and precautionary inventory, which requires higher working capital. The requirement for a capable collection system […]

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June 24, 2022

Banks will have to react rapidly to market, consumer, competitor, regulatory, and technological developments. Composability can help gain a competitive advantage and secure a market position. Composable banking is a dynamic way of designing and delivering financial services, which relies on the fast and flexible integration of independent, best-fit systems. Download Now

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