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10,000+ pages of in-depth research. Covering all major banking and Financial Technology systems globally. Brought to you by IBSi’s global research team

IBSi Research

Global Payments Vendors and Landscape Report Q4 2021

IBSi Research

Global Core Banking Vendors & Landscape Report Q4 2021

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For over 30 years, IBSi’s research teams have delivered independent, in-depth, actionable insights, with a laser focus on everything from Financial Technology, to the global banking, consulting, technology, and institutional investor world. We take pride in covering 2,000+ technology vendors globally – the largest by any leading research firm in this space. Our off-the-shelf research portfolio boasts 10,000+ pages of research, covering all major banking and Financial Technology systems globally. These come in the form of in-depth system and vendor profiles, use-case repositories, market reports, annual rankings, and leaderboards. IBSi’s research portfolio is updated regularly and is authored with a healthy mix of primary and secondary research, led by our global teams of analysts, all SMEs on various subject areas. An annual subscription to our research can also give you access to conversations with our analyst team, who play the role of being a “FinTech concierge” for our clients globally.

The IBSi research value proposition

Global Coverage

All 195 countries are globally covered across IBSi’s knowledge portfolio, with on-ground teams in key geographies.


30+ years of making global clients smarter via our research and insights. Our teams have seen technology evolve, first-hand.

Authored by Experts

IBSi’s research teams consist of subject matter experts across Financial Technology areas, many of whom come with hands-on experience in advising Financial Services clients on technology decisions, along with helping execute.

Primary Research-Based

A strong commitment to primary research results in IBSi’s report repository being insightful and fact-based.


In-depth coverage of 2,000+ global Financial Technology vendors across system areas and types. Growing every day.

In-depth Technology Insights

360° coverage of vendors and their systems, with a strong focus on system profiles and their use cases.

IBS Intelligence's Islamic Banking Systems Report gave us comprehensive insights into Islamic Banking Technology and helped us with in-depth information on technology suppliers and systems. Also, the research & IBS Journal is an extensive knowledgebase of key trends and activities in the financial technology sector. Access to market and competition analysis through the research report & Journal have assisted us considerably in building our business strategies.

- Mohammed Kateeb Group Chairman & CEO, Path Solutions

IBS Intelligence’s Back Office Systems and Suppliers Report Is a valuable resource.

- SimCorp

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