FIDA Unleashed | Beyond Open Banking & Data Privacy

Open Banking is revolutionizing finance, and the UK’s new FIDA regulation is set to supercharge it! In this video, we break down everything Fintechs need to know:

We’ll unveil the power of Open Banking and how it’s changing the financial landscape.
Get ready for exciting possibilities as we explore what’s next for Open Banking in the UK.
Demystifying the new Financial Data and Availability regulations (FIDA) and its impact on Fintechs.
Discover key steps Fintechs can take to ensure they’re ready for the new regulations.
Benefits for Fintechs: We’ll showcase the exciting opportunities FIDA unlocks for innovation and growth in the Fintech sector.
Discover cutting-edge insights, network with industry pioneers, and shape the future of finance. Join us for an engaging session filled with in-depth insights and discussions led by renowned industry experts:

  • Alan Goodrich, Regional Sales Manager at ERI – Explore the evolving landscape of financial services and the role of technology in shaping customer interactions.
  • Anne-Sophie MORVAN, Chief Commercial Officer at LUXHUB – Unpack the intricacies of data privacy and its impact on financial ecosystems.
  • Dr Ritesh Jain, Founder & Board Advisor at INFINYT – Exploring into the latest trends and challenges in the open banking sector.
  • Moderated by Nikhil Gokhale, Director of Research & Digital Properties at IBS Intelligence – Ensuring a focused and insightful discussion.