New Markets

New Markets

Market Strategy and Opportunity Assessment
Leverage IBSi’s deep market-entry strategy experience, combined with our intelligence on global financial technology, and work with us to discover a clear way-forward plan to assist in new markets. Over an 8–12 week period, our teams work with you to develop, assess, and implement new market and product growth plans. Our approach is holistic, spanning from internal assessments of your products, services, channels, customers, to an exhaustive external assessment of new markets, landscapes, competition, and feasibility.

Partner Search and Identification
Once we’ve formulated the optimal market strategy for you, our teams will go ahead and develop a best-in-class partner or target identification plan. This can include a list of target firms for a potential M&A opportunity, collaboration with regulatory or government bodies, or entering a strategic alliance or a joint venture with a synergistic partner.

Putting to work our deep global technology relationships and intelligence, combined with additional research using strategic and fitment filters, will result in us presenting a shortlist of compatible best-fit partners or targets for your corporate strategy teams to act on.

Analyst Block Hours
IBSi’s pool of analysts, SMEs with knowledge covering the global FinTech landscape, are regularly providing our clients with quick off-the-shelf intelligence via our Analyst Block Hours offering. These time-blocks can be subscribed to in the form of various packages.

Through IBSi’s strategy consulting group unit, Cedar, for over 35 years, our teams have assisted bank leadership globally in achieving business and technology transformations. This hands-on practical experience gives IBSi the ability to build out a concise but deep portfolio of practice areas for its banking clients globally

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