SoftSolutions! completes AWS Foundational Technical Review

softsolutionsSoftSolutions!, the multi-market Fixed Income trading technology provider, today announced the availability of the nexRates solution on Amazon Web Services (AWS), validated by a completed AWS Foundational Technical Review for the electronic Trading-as-a-Service platform.

Roberto Cocchi, CEO of SoftSolutions! said, “We are proud to have completed the AWS Foundational Technical Review for nexRates, further demonstrating SoftSolutions! commitment to bringing all the benefits that come with SaaS in the Cloud to the fixed income marketplace.”

nexRates, SoftSolutions! electronic Trading-as-a-Service platform aims to be the new alternative for the Fixed Income market. With nexRates, SoftSolutions! has developed a platform that provides real-time risk management as well as integrated business intelligence, delivering a new trading experience for customers trading Govies, Credits, and Derivatives who are looking for the flexibility and cost-efficiency of trading in the cloud.

The company stated that the validation supports trading customers who want to take advantage of the elasticity, scalability, and faster time to market of the cloud-enabled trading SaaS offering. It also allows customers access to multi-markets, multi-feeds, and multi-asset environments with the security and risk controls in place to meet regulatory requirements.

SoftSolutions! produces software solutions for financial markets since 1997. It is active in Italy, UK and other European countries with platforms, specialised for operating on international electronic exchanges.

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