Murex and Intesa Sanpaolo team up to further DevOps strategy

Murex today announced that Intesa Sanpaolo Group has successfully implemented Murex testing automation solution. The development and implementation of the new testing process and continuous MX.3 upgrades, powered by the FinTech’s MXtest technology and closely supported by everis, a Murex partner since 2011, paves the way for Intesa to deliver more value for the bank, and creates a precise, reliable testing activity schedule.

“Intesa’s dedicated, committed team worked with Murex to adopt MXtest as part of Murex’s continuous evolution service offerings,” said Flavio Tartarini, head of Murex support at Intesa. “We experienced significant reductions in cost and time spent by transitioning toward automated testing, and saw strong predictability in project management.”

“We are happy that Intesa was able to achieve this ambitious initial deployment of the MX continuous evolution services suite, which we anticipate being the start of a larger CICD climb for Intesa, a strategic customer,” said Murex Lead Technical Architect Marwan Khalil. “It is an exciting development, and all team members have the right to be proud of what Intesa has accomplished, here.”

Recently, Murex announced that it has served as a technology partner for PZU Group as it implemented a platform solution to manage its own investments and assets, as well as those of its customers. The cross-asset front-to-back-to-risk portfolio management solution providing collateral and order management and compliance and security features is modelled on its MX.3 platform. The implementation was delivered through a governance framework and a tri-party delivery model between the FinTech, DXC Luxoft,and PZU.

“As capital markets are profoundly impacted by digitalization and COVID-19 constraints, agility and efficiency are first-order client priorities. Enhancing client agility and efficiency through their Murex testing automation and DevOps journeys is strategic to everis,” commented Patricia Badía. “Intesa and Murex involvement and motivation from the beginning of this journey was a key success factor of this initiative.”

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