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Expleo- IBSI’s whitepaper explores the pathway to process automation

Expleo IBS Intelligence whitepaperProcess automation aims to evolve a people-driven institution into a process-driven institution, with a simultaneous focus on optimising human intervention for maximum impact. The prevalence of cost-effective technology has provided a much- needed boost to the evolution of process automation. Process Automation, in the form of tools such as RPA and IPA, has become a significant addition to a business process management toolkit, with RPA being used as a critical tool for business agility and resilience. IPA is cognitive and often used for unstructured data analysis, and to enhance capabilities of an existing set of RPAs.

Expleo Solutions and IBS Intelligence have collaborated on a whitepaper that highlights the pathway to process automation. The collaborative whitepaper aims to put forth sustainable implementation approaches along with key considerations for process automation.
The whitepaper explores the evolution of process automation in the BFSI industry over the years with stages comprising cash & branch automations, payment automations, core, product, channel automation, business process management (BPM) and Robotic Process Automation (RPA). RPA and IPA are currently used for automating optimised processes, thus assuming an important position in the BPM stage of process automation.

The whitepaper also shows the effects of the powerful combination of processes, data and products on implementation of an industry or domain agnostic, agile product-oriented approach in addition to other significant factors such as product & process prioritisation, technology enablement and more.

Key considerations for implementation deep dives into the importance of establishing a Centre of Excellence and explores the emerging differentiators for large scale deployment of Intelligence Process Automation (IPA) and Robotic Process Automation (RPA) as well as for people-specific aspects. The whitepaper includes interesting case studies which bring out the key challenges faced by firms across industry domains and further talks about the road taken by the organisations to overcome these challenges and in turn the impact/benefits of the engagement.

For more insights on the pathway to process automation, read the whitepaper here.

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