DailyPay launches ExtendPX, a game-changing product for HCM and payroll service providers

New York-based DailyPay, a provider of the on-demand pay benefit, has announced ExtendPX, a new product for human capital management (HCM) and payroll service providers.

The new product moves DailyPay beyond their traditional On-Demand Pay (ODP) business offering. The launch of ExtendPX will enable every Payroll, TMS (Time Management Software), and HCM companies in the U.S. to offer the highly demanded on-demand pay services through a customizable, modular on-demand pay solution that can be embedded into their product suite they offer customers.

“As the gold standard in the on-demand pay industry, our mission is to unlock the endless possibilities of pay. With 80% of Fortune 100 companies who offer on-demand pay choosing DailyPay, we have seen the demand for ODP services grow at unprecedented rates. The future is here. We are here to facilitate that change. Within a few years, every company will enable their employees to access the money they have earned as they need it. It is time to offer an innovative solution to HCM companies,” said Konstantin Getmanchuk, Senior Vice President, Product Management, DailyPay.

ExtendPX offers a comprehensive set of services with the ability to customize based on needs. HCM companies can embed the DailyPay offering into their own product suite using DailyPay APIs or choose a white-label approach. Besides supporting immediate access to earned income, the full list of services includes off-cycle payment tools, employee savings and financial wellness features, and other supporting DailyPay services, such as secure data exchange monitoring, guaranteed program funding, and multi-level live domestic employee support.

“Over the past five years, DailyPay has partnered with key HCM and TMS companies in powerful ways. We have proven that by integrating our gold-standard offering into their platforms, more Americans can enjoy control and flexibility over their pay. After all, it’s their money, and they’ve earned it. This product expansion is just one of the critical steps we are making to move the entire PayExperience industry forward,” said Jason Lee, CEO and co-founder of DailyPay.

The launch of ExtendPX comes on the heels of the company’s 2020 launch of DailyPay CYCLE. ExtendPX is already active with notable leading global payroll and HCM partners and other organizations.

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