DailyPay introduces new rewards solution, REWARD by DailyPay

DailyPay introduces new rewards solution, REWARD by DailyPay

Konstantin Getmanchuk, Senior Vice President, Product, DailyPay

New York-based DailyPay, a provider of the on-demand pay benefit, has unveiled a new innovative solution, REWARD by DailyPay, to empower managers and human resources professionals to recognize employees for a job well done.

Keeping employees engaged and motivated is a top priority for managers, especially during challenging times like these. REWARD by DailyPay gives managers the ability to instantly and effortlessly incentivize their staff with on-the-spot payments for everything from bonuses to exemplary work to special incentives for picking up additional shifts. 

“When it comes to driving employee engagement and success, communication is key. Employee engagement can be increased when there is a strong, positive relationship between supervisor and his/ her employee and managers that can determine the employees’ and the customers’ overall experience,” said Rose Corey, Senior HR Director at BrightSpring Health Services.

“Showing timely appreciation (for employees) is a great step in the right direction. Actions speak louder than words, delivering rewards will generate excitement,” added Rose.

The new solution is built on the heels of game-changing announcements for CYCLE and ExtendPX. REWARD is the newest pay experience designed to connect field managers and HR into the dynamic PayEx platform. They will join other members of the pay ecosystem using DailyPay’s continuous response technology to become more active participants in the pay experience:

  • Employees who PAY and SAVE themselves on-demand, on their terms
  • Payroll administrators, who easily CYCLE funds to employees outside of the ordinary payroll schedule

“REWARD exemplifies our commitment to continually innovating our gold standard product with new functions that speak to the needs of our valued partners and unlocking the endless possibilities of pay,” said Konstantin Getmanchuk, Senior Vice President, Product, DailyPay.

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