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additiv launches Wealth Solution Builder for financial institutions

additiv, Zürich, Asia, SaaS, wealth managementSaaS provider additiv today announced the launch of Wealth Solution Builder, a new approach to enable banks and other financial institutions to create their WealthTech end-to-end solution and client journeys. additiv stated that the new solution is expected to assist FIs with the development of functionality and client journeys.

Michael Stemmle, CEO and Founder at additiv said, “A bank’s IT system is its shop front. With the advent of digitalization, wealth clients are now continually exposed to a bank’s IT capabilities and so having a tailorable, intelligent system is essential. It has never been more important to ensure that bank systems can adapt quickly and easily to a client‘s evolving needs. With Wealth Solution Builder these needs can be met when building inhouse.”

According to additiv, Wealth Solution Builder is built on its DFS system of intelligence, the new product offers access to an extensive and RESTful API catalogue. In addition, IT teams will benefit from access to front-end code libraries and samples, data integration methods, test data sets, postman collections, configuration handbooks, checklists, cookbooks and much more.

Yann Kudelski, Head of Product Management at additiv highlighted, “‘Wealth Solution Builder allows IT teams within financial institutions to remain autonomous, but avoids the lengthy and costly process of building the foundational elements of an end-to-end wealth management system.”

Yann added, “Developers can now configure their system and rapidly build their own wealth applications. For a headstart, they can turn to our extensive range of builder tools, including front-end blueprints of our Hybrid Wealth Manager product, rather than start completely from scratch or use these for inspiration. Plus, with our microservices architecture, FIs can cut the services and client journeys as small as needed; there really is no end to how tailored they can make their system.”

Recently, Swiss FinTech Sparbatze announced the launch of its fully digital pension services in collaboration with three industry partners, including Zuger Kantonalbank, additiv, and Qcentris. Zuger Kantonalbank will assume the responsibility of the custodian and will strengthen the digital proposition with the provision of fund accounts for an external asset manager.

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