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Right from providing competitor insights and a track record of their successes, to development and marketing of thought leadership content to assistance in brand build, IBSI’s offerings for Banking Technology Suppliers and FinTech’s is multi-fold.

By being profiled in IBSI’s research reports and the iconic Sales League Table, suppliers and FinTechs get an opportunity to showcase their offerings and capabilities to the banks, who access these reports before finalising their technology investment decisions.

IBSI helps suppliers develop customised, impactful, insightful thought leadership white papers & case studies that can become a key differentiator in their sales & marketing strategy.

IBSI can also assist in effective marketing campaigns leveraging its active website and its contact database.

We have been supporting banking technology suppliers in identifying & assessing opportunities in new markets, new segments, product and price benchmarking, implementation and sales partner search, all designed to accelerate their market and business success.

Our latest proprietary deal dataset and analytics tool ‘IBS SalesVision’, will help you benchmark sales performance of leading peers by geography & system type, provide deep competitor insights and more importantly assist in identifying leads.

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