Webinar | Mission Possible: Unlocking the Future of Banking with NextGen Core

Banking across the globe is being reimagined by a combination of technological innovations and evolving customer expectations is reimagining banking across the globe. The rise of neo and challenger banks has fundamentally altered the landscape of the banking industry, with traditional banks now facing competition from agile Fintech startups who offer innovative products and services.

NextGen core banking systems provide banks with a cloud-based, modular, and flexible banking infrastructure that enables them to reimagine their business models, innovate freely, and fully leverage the power of digital to unlock growth opportunities and quickly launch customer-centric offerings. IBSi’s proprietary SalesVision data shows a notable increase in the sales of NextGen Core systems, from just 1% in 2017-2019 to 15% in 2020-2022.

Watch our panel of experts to learn more about the approaches to legacy core modernisation and the opportunities that NextGen Core systems can open up for Banks and financial institutions.

Panelists include:

  • Tarvo Okmees, Director of Engineering, LHV Bank
  • Bryan Carroll, Co-Founder & Ex CEO, TNEX Bank
  • Edgardo Torres-Caballero, Chief Revenue Officer, Tuum
  • Nikhil Gokhale, Director, Research and Digital Properties, IBS intelligence [Moderator]