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FinTech Lab

From concept to reality. FinTech Innovation Lab and its benefits to Banking Technology professionals

It was a risk, but it was a calculated risk! The idea of a FinTech Lab germinated somewhere in 2018. Brainstorming with thought leaders and backed by Cedar’s 30+ years in consulting practice with a strong focus on banking and financial services in the Middle East. With 29+ years heritage of IBS Intelligence, our FinTech arm, we knew this vision of setting up a lab in the heart of Dubai, had to become reality.

We are grateful to the 10 lab members from the Banking Technology space that have trusted our vision. The purpose of setting up the lab is to help these suppliers access the booming Middle East Banking Technology opportunity that spend $10 Billion annually, and provide banks & insurance companies an opportunity to test & experience global FinTech products within the region in an innovative lab environment.

Creating a culture of FinTech Innovation with IBS Intelligence

We have successfully organised knowledge sessions and round tables that was attended by Banking Technology companies and banks from the Middle East and Asia regions. Over and above this, there are high impact use cases on a variety of FinTech topics contributed by our lab members from these networking and knowledge events that we would love to share.

Cohort member benefits include:

Market Access: Provide start-up, emerging, and recognised suppliers an opportunity to access banking opportunities within the region leveraging our 20 year presence and markets connects assisting banks in developing & executing technology transformation.

Virtual Sandbox: The lab will offer a virtual sandbox (powered by Finastra’s FusionFabric) to banks & suppliers to allow for rapid product showcasing, but more importantly quick POCs supported by our project management capability.

Investor Access: We will leverage its connects with family offices, private investment offices, VC, and PE funds encouraging them to carefully evaluate & potentially invest in FinTech firms seeking capital.

Growth Enablers: Our strategy consulting teams can assist cohort members with regional and global corporate growth strategy leveraging its 30 year expertise in this area.

Lab Facilities: The state-of-the art lab facilities include private cloud, hot seats & conference room facilities, sanitised data sets of bank customer data that can be used in a POC, and range of other standard work space conveniences.

If you are a FinTech company, a bank, or an investor seeking to be a founding cohort member of the CedarIBSI FinTech Lab, please immediately fill up the form to learn more of how the CedarIBSI Lab membership can add value to you and your business.

Key Metrics

16000 +
News analysis pieces
15000 +
Deals in SalesVision
Knowledge sessions per year
Cohort members

Lab Member Testimonials


Financial Consolidation and Reporting – A bold new future in times of change
October 2020
  • Frederik Roeland, Director & product Manager for the Wolters Kluwer’s OneSumX.
  • T. Ganesh, Chief Financial Officer at Bank Muscat.
  • V. Ramkumar, Senior Partner at Cedar Management Consulting International.
  • Xavier Dubois, Director – Risk & Finance at Wolters Kluwer FRR.

Digital Onboarding and Lending Systems

September 2020

  • Rivi Varghese, CEO at CustomerXPs Software
  • Sreeram Narayan, Senior Product Manager at Nucleus Software
  • V. Ramkumar, Senior Partner at Cedar Management Consulting
  • Zamrad K P, Director, Sales & Strategy – Middle East at i-exceed technology solutions
Wealth Management & Private Banking | Emerging Opportunities
August 2020
  • Akash Anand – Chief Business Officer at Profile Software
  • Alexandre Duret – Product Director at Temenos
  • Muraleedhar Pai – Executive Director at Maveric Systems
  • Murtaza Shaikhally (Moderator) – Sr. Director at Cedar Management Consulting International
Future of Core Banking | Learnings from COVID-19
July 2020
  • R Sankaranarayanan – Product Manager at TCS BaNCS
  • Raheel Iqbal – Managing Partner at Codebase Technologies
  • Venkatraman Krishnamoorthy – Project Manager at Expleo Group
  • Chetan Parekh – Partner at Cedar Management Consulting
Intelligent Automation: Banking Application
June 2020
  • Ajit Shah – MD Asia Pacific at ACTICO
  • Rajendra Awasthi – Co-Founder at EPIKInDiFi
  • Srirang Srikantha – COO at Yethi Consulting
  • Murtaza Shaikhally – Senior Director at Cedar Management Consulting
Open Banking & APIs
May 2020
  • Rajasundaram Subramanian – Director, Digital Labs at Expleo
  • Akash Anand – Chief Business Officer at Profile Software
  • Valeriy Voditchenski  – Executive Director MENA at IMTF
  • Raheel Iqbal – Managing Partner at Codebase Technologies
  • Chetan Parekh – Partner at Cedar Management Consulting

Roundtable Discussion

Our FinTech Lab Members

Participating Banks

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