Elevate Your Thought Leadership
Strategy via Webinars

Elevate Your Thought Leadership
Strategy via Whitepapers

IBSi Case Studies: Independently validated & authored by our research & editorial teams

Thought Leadership Services

IBSi’s thought leadership is deep and practical, resulting from 30+ years of assisting global clients in the Banking and Financial Technology world.

Our clients value our independent analyses, super-specialist reputation, in-depth knowledge, and global perspectives on Financial Technology. All of this, combined with IBSi’s global ecosystem of readers, subscribers, and viewers, makes our thought-leadership services a very attractive value proposition.

Be it a carefully curated webinar, featuring industry leaders discussing global Banking and Financial Technology topics, a whitepaper that showcases an organization’s competencies and helps position it as a breakthrough leader, or a case study, that highlights the impact and success a product has had since its implementation in a Bank or Financial Institution, you will find what you need here.

Some reasons why clients leave their webinar strategy to us:

We’re super-specialists on everything Financial Technology. Our knowledge is in-depth, all the way down to key systems, their versions, and their global use cases.
We make webinars livelier and more interactive with in-built polls and Q&A sessions, whilst also securing c-suite panellists and appropriate target audiences to suit your product and strategic marketing agendas.

30+ years of legacy in the global Financial Technology world. We’ve the digital transformation alongside our clients. Together
Our exclusive global ecosystem gives us the ability to offer strong pre, during, and post-webinar support across marketing, research & editorial content

Our teams bring deep operational and hands-on knowledge in designing IT strategy and executing system implementations for banks. In short: We know what banks and financial institutions want and care most about.

IBS Intelligence curated and moderated a highly engaging webinar which helped reach the right target audience of bankers. This webinar helped reinforce our position as a thought leader and also delivered valuable insights from panelists on-boarded by IBSI. The engagement was well executed; the discussion and research around it resulted in published collateral that will be relevant to our audiences for their strategic planning.

- Biju Suresh Babu Managing Director, Banking & Financial Services, Fiorano Software

IBSi Webinar Program Outline


Relevant members of IBSi’s global analyst team work with the client to mutually decide a topic for the webinar. A short-list of interesting topics is pulled together by IBSi once the client has outlined their corporate and product strategy. Once a topic, relevant geography and target audience is finalised, the IBSi team works on identifying industry leaders and experts and invites them as panellists on the webinar, while a senior IBSi leader is scheduled to be the moderator.

That’s not all! IBSi’s global ecosystem of readers, subscribers, and viewers is invited to and made aware of the upcoming webinar, encouraging sign-ups. The client’s marketing team also runs a parallel structured webinar marketing plan to invite their guests and clients.

During Webinar

IBSi’s moderator keeps the webinar light and easy to follow, breaking the 60-minute event into sections of 5-10 minutes each. Engagement levels are kept high via audience-submitted questions, online polls, and interesting IBSi research. The webinar is broadcast live via IBSi and the client’s marketing and social media channels.


We track analytics and key findings carefully. These are shared with the client after the webinar. The webinar is also featured on IBSi and the client’s marketing channels, giving birth to a host of interesting future discussions with between the client and potential buyers and investors.

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