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This page boasts of over 300 FinTech and Banking Technology research reports led by our global team of analysts. These come in the form of market reports, case studies, and company and system profiles of players globally. We take pride in covering over 300 FinTechs globally – the largest by any leading research firm in this space!

Our research is written with a healthy mix of primary and secondary research, updated by our analysts on quarterly basis ensuring that trends, facts, and figures are always updated. A yearly subscription to the report will also give you access to conversations with our analyst team who can be your “concierge” for trends and other things that excite you.

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Islamic Banking (37)
Lending (51)
Payments (43)
Risk Management and RegTech (24)
Robotic Process Automation (2)
wealth management (38)
Banking Tech System Reports (2)
Company and System Profiles (35)
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Experienced Partner: IBSI’s FinTech research is driven by our independence, knowledge and global expertise over 27+ years. IBS is a division of Cedar Management Consulting International, a global management and technology consulting firm. Cedar enhances the value proposition to the IBSI clients, by not only having global presence, but more importantly, by bringing deep knowledge and operational experience in developing and executing banking technology transformation initiatives worldwide.

Edge over competition: Our niche FinTech focus and dedication results in deep insightful research pieces that come via conversations with industry players, unique primary research, and 360-degree perspectives. Our clients include other research firms who recognize this FinTech expertise and trust us for it.

Value for money: Our FinTech reports come with a variety of actionable insights, forecasts, easy to use charts and tables, and lots more. Subscription costs are well justified!

Quarterly updates: To ensure our subscribers stay updated, our analysts update content within reports on a quarterly basis. Subscribers also get access to analyst time almost like a “concierge” service through the year when questions about the reports arise.

Immediate access on payment: Once you buy the report, you get an instant access to the digital version that can be viewed on a variety of devices.


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