The Future of Digital Banking Report 2021

193 Pages

Newer generations prefer convenience and ease of use, and traditional banking does not offer it. The tug of war between the established players of today and the neo-challengers of tomorrow will be won by those that adopt customer-centric Digital Banking technologies fast. IBSi features in-depth profiles of 50+ Digital Banking technology vendors, with a track record of 25+ successful consulting engagements globally and has solid experience implementing digital transformation strategies for Financial Institutions of all shapes and sizes.

  • This report strikes a perfect balance by covering both; the global digital banking landscape and also the key technology players across various verticals
  • The digital banking verticals covered are; Internet and mobile banking technology companies, cloud service providers, mobile wallet and payment gateway technology companies, big data and analytics firms, cryptocurrencies, security providers and more
  • The report also gives detailed insights into 60+ technology vendors across the abovementioned digital banking verticals

  • Get access to topical knowledge on areas like the main challenges for banks with a digital banking perspective; the future roadmap, the changing digital banking business models and more.
  • Get fresh thought-leadership from IBSi’s experts on everything digital banking and what the future holds for this space
  • Understand the digital banking landscape and know about the various success factors that makes a winning digital banking model, the trends, drivers of this industry.
  • Read about IBS journal’s big interviews and peak into the minds of industry leaders, enablers and disruptors to get a ground-level view

  • Financial Institutions – CIOs, CTOs, IT, and digital transformation teams rely on our research to make the right technology selection and investment decisions
  • Financial Technology companies – Founders, CXOs, product and strategy teams, use our research to stay competitively intelligent, keeping a close track of peer activity and trends globally
  • Consulting firms – Research leaders and client consulting teams find this report useful to gain insights, spot opportunities, and provide clients with fact-based metrics.
  • Institutional investors – Investment teams find this report useful whilst conducting thorough business and financial due diligence prior to making investment decisions

  • Executive summary
  • Global Banking: Market Mapping
    • The Changing Model of Banking
    • Digital Banking: Drivers and Trends
  • Opportunity Analysis in Digital Banking
    • Capturing and Servicing New Customers
    • Increasing Revenues and Reducing Costs
    • Managing Multiple Channels and Cross-Channel Customer Experiences
    • Challenges
  • Roadmap for Digital Banking
    • IT Requirements for Digital Banking
    • Cyber Security
    • Organizational Models
  • Digital Banking Eco-system
    • Digital Banking Ecosystem and Business Models
    • Leading Digital Banking Initiatives – Successes and Failures
    • Digital Banking Enablers
  • Conclusion and outlook
  • IBSI Journal Exclusive | Case Studies

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The Future of Digital Banking Report 2021

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