Robotic Process Automation in Financial Services Report 2021

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Pages: 80

What’s in this report?

  1. A beginner’s guide for banks looking to understand RPA and how it can benefit their organization
  2. Get an overview of twelve RPA suppliers which include major suppliers as well as niche suppliers operating within the financial services industry
  3. 20 prime examples / use cases of how RPA was successfully deployed at banks and institutions
  4. Industry prescribed strategies and pitfalls to watch out for when deploying RPA
  5. Subscription to the RPA report provides the subscriber with periodic updates including new supplier profiles and latest market trends

If you are a technology leader within a bank or financial services institution, make the right technology decisions via our insights. If you are a technology supplier, understand the market and competitive landscape better to enable your growth strategies. If you are a Consultant, advise your clients more knowledgeably. And if you are an Investor, use our research to make the right investment decisions.

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Robotic Process Automation (RPA) technology has been around for a while now but the technology is seeing significant demand in the last couple of years within the banking industry. This report explores why RPA has become one of the hottest investments made by banks globally and looks at strategies that banks need to consider while adopting RPA. The report also looks at the RPA supplier landscape catering to financial services and provides short summary profiles for the major suppliers operating in the industry today. Each supplier profile provides an overview of their solution and use case of how their RPA solution was successfully implemented at banks and other financial institutions. The endeavor of the RPA Technology in Financial Services Report is to become a ready reckoner for any bank look to deploy a Robotic Process Automation solution and will be continuously updated to capture more supplier profiles and the latest trends in the market.

Table of contents

  • What’s new in this edition
  • Section 1: RPA in Financial Services| Executive Summary
    • Challenges for Banks when deploying RPA
    • The future state of RPA
  • Section 2: Overview of RPA Technology
    • Components of RPA
    • Types of RPA
  • Section 3: Key Considerations for Banks when deploying RPA
  • Section 4: Framework for planning an RPA deployment
  • Section 5: RPA Market Landscape
  • Section 6: Current trends in RPA
  • Section 7: Enterprise Approach to Automation
  • Section 8: RPA Supplier Profiles
    • Automation Anywhere
    • Blue Prism
    • CustomerXPS
    • Datamatics
    • Edgeverve Assistedge
    • EPIKInDiFi
    • UiPath
    • Thoughtonomy
    • Expleo Solutions
    • Kofax
    • Kryon
    • WorkFusion
    • Tenjin by Yethi
  • Section 7: Robotic Process Automation | Industry Outlook
  • Robotic Process Automation expert interview