Global Transaction Banking Vendors and Landscape Report Q1 2023

92 Pages

Modern-day Transaction Banking is an evolved form of traditional setup aimed to offer specialized products and services. With technology increasingly playing a bigger role in how banks deliver their offerings to clients, there is a keen focus on real-time updates, API enablement, data aggregation and automation. This newly developed report by IBS Intelligence offers a wide spectrum of industry insights, including technology trends across different business functions under the purview of Transaction Banking like Corporate Payments, Collections, Liquidity Management, Trade Finance, Supply Chain Finance, Treasury; key industry developments: select successful technology implementation use cases; and brief coverage of select technology vendor profiles and their clients.

  • Overview of Transaction Banking: Evolution from a traditional to digital model; finer elements and products that constitute the domain
  • Deep dive into the global Transaction Banking technology landscape and market trends with framework driven impact assessment
  • Key market developments, technology trends, way forward implications, and expert opinions
  • High-level coverage of select Transaction Banking solution providers, including company overview, product suite, user lists, customer experiences and more

  • Receive access to leading technology trends driving change in the Transaction Banking domain
  • Authored by IBSi’s research team, consisting of subject-matter-experts from the Transaction Banking vertical
  • Understand the approach adopted by leading banks to enhance their Transaction Banking platforms
  • Coverage of top global players offering transaction banking solutions with product description
  • Understand select use cases with potential post-implementation impact/benefit analysis

  • Financial Institutions – CIOs, CTOs, IT, and digital transformation teams rely on our research to make the right technology selection and investment decisions
  • Financial Technology companies – Founders, CXOs, product and strategy teams, use our research to stay competitively intelligent, keeping a close track of peer activity and trends globally
  • Consulting firms – Research leaders and client consulting teams find this report useful to gain insights, spot opportunities, and provide clients with fact-based metrics.
  • Institutional investors – Investment teams find this report useful whilst conducting thorough business and financial due diligence prior to making investment decisions

  • Transaction Banking Overview
    • Overview
    • Timeline
    • Evolution
    • Key Product Offerings
    • IBSi Transaction Banking Industry Framework
    • Key Products’ Key Trends
    • Regulation
  • Competitive Landscape
    • Global Market
    • Industry Models
    • Competitive Landscape
  • SLT and Supplier Profiles
    • Sales League Table
    • SLT Leadership Club
    • SLT Leadership Matrix
    • Intellect Design Arena
    • Finastra
    • Kyzer
    • FIS
    • Infosys | Finacle
    • Midgate
    • Encore Theme
    • Neurosoft
    • TCS
    • ERI Bancaire
    • AurionPro
    • Technisys
    • TAS Group
    • Bantotal
    • Taulia
    • LiquidX
    • Contour
    • essDocs
    • Cashfac
    • Nucleus Software
    • Capital Banking Solutions
    • ICS Financial Services
    • Qualco
    • Comarch
    • Aqua Global Solutions
    • CGI
    • Demica
    • Newgen Software
    • Surecomp
    • Tagit
  • Global Use Cases
    • 13 unique and insightful use cases across various systems and geographies
  • Expert Speak
    • Industry expert insights and opinions on Transaction Banking
  • Outlook
    • Future Technology Trends
    • Way Forward

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