Applications of Artificial Intelligence In Banking Q1 2024

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Artificial Intelligence has the potential to transform legacy processes into flexible, scalable, future-agnostic functions.

This report outlines the evolution of artificial intelligence and the many sub-technologies it comprises, before taking a deep dive into the current market landscape with key drivers, challenges, and benefits, while suggesting methods for mitigation of challenges. The report maps the present and future of artificial intelligence in banking through live cases and a complete vendor landscape, and emerging application areas, trends, and incoming regulation.

The Applications of Artificial Intelligence in Banking report is a thorough roadmap for stakeholders, supporting the development of individual approach strategies to achieving industry leadership.

  • Overview of AI market landscape, discussing evolution, related technologies, drivers of adoption, challenges, and benefits.
  • Gain insight into emerging application areas, future trends, and incoming regulation.
  • Deep dive into 10+ application areas across the front, middle, and back offices, including chatbots, cross-sell optimization, and fraud detection, supplemented by relevant case examples.
  • 25+ use cases of AI applications in banks and 20+ profiles of vendors and their AI-based offerings.
  • Outlook on AI as a must have capability.

  • Understand the market landscape and key suppliers of Artificial Intelligence specialized in the banking sector
  • Gauge on the benefits of Artificial Intelligence across the front, back, and middle office functions
  • Key considerations for banks before deploying AI covering the design of algorithms, ownership of data, automation of processes, etc. have been showcased
  • Deep dive into the different types of AI deployment models such as On-Premises, AI as a Service, Managed AI, and Cognition
  • Industry advised strategies and pitfalls to watch out for when deploying Artificial Intelligence

  • Financial Institutions – CIOs, CTOs, IT, and digital transformation teams rely on our research to make the right technology selection and investment decisions.
  • Financial Technology Companies – Founders, CXOs, product and strategy teams, use our research to stay competitively intelligent, keeping a close track of peer activity and trends globally.
  • Consulting Firms – Research leaders and client consulting teams find this report useful to gain insights, spot opportunities, and provide clients with fact-based metrics.
  • Institutional Investors – Investment teams find this report useful whilst conducting thorough business and financial due diligence prior to making investment decisions.

Key Findings
Section 1: AI in Banking | Market Landscape   

  • Key Technologies
  • Drivers of Adoption
  • Challenges in Adoption
  • Emerging Application Areas
  • Future Trends
  • Key Government Regulations/Initiatives

Section 2: AI in Banking  

  • AI Across the Banking Value Chain
  • Key Application Areas

Section 3: Use Cases
Section 4: Vendor Landscape
Section 5: Outlook

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