Applications of Artificial Intelligence In Banking 2021

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Artificial Intelligence has the potential to transform traditional processes into flexible, scalable, and future-agnostic functions. Artificial Intelligence comprises a broad set of technologies, including, but not limited to, Machine Learning, Natural Language Processing, Expert Systems, Vision, Speech, Planning, Robotics, etc. This report elaborates on the opportunities AI presents in banking, investment trends, different use cases banks could employ AI for, snapshots of select suppliers with AI-powered offerings, and case studies of successful implementation. The endeavour of the applications of Artificial Intelligence in banking report is to become a ready reckoner for any bank looking to explore use cases for AI and get insights on how their peers are approaching the same.

  • Overview of AI covering its evolution across years, the various opportunities in banking and key measures before deploying AI
  • Bird’s eye view of the AI supplier market landscape consisting of the market size, key market trends, investments and banks invested in AI startups.
  • Deep dive into 10+ potential areas of application of AI in banking such as chatbots, cross-sell optimization, fraud detection, etc., with related product examples
  • Gauge 20+ supplier profiles, various use cases and industry outlook of the banking sector
  • Gain insights on AI trends for 2021 and beyond: Hyperautomation, Artificial Intelligence of Things, Machine Learning Operations, Low Code/No Code Platforms, etc

  • Understand the market landscape and key suppliers of Artificial Intelligence specialized in the banking sector
  • Gauge on the benefits of Artificial Intelligence across the front, back, and middle office functions
  • Key considerations for banks before deploying AI covering the design of algorithms, ownership of data, automation of processes, etc. have been showcased
  • Deep dive into the different types of AI deployment models such as On-Premises, AI as a Service, Managed AI, and Cognition
  • Industry advised strategies and pitfalls to watch out for when deploying Artificial Intelligence

  • Financial Institutions – CIOs, CTOs, IT, and digital transformation teams rely on our research to make the right technology selection and investment decisions
  • Financial Technology Companies – Founders, CXOs, product and strategy teams, use our research to stay competitively intelligent, keeping a close track of peer activity and trends globally
  • Consulting Firms – Research leaders and client consulting teams find this report useful to gain insights, spot opportunities, and provide clients with fact-based metrics.
  • Institutional Investors – Investment teams find this report useful whilst conducting thorough business and financial due diligence prior to making investment decisions

  • Executive Summary
  • Section 2: Overview of AI
    • Evolution of AI
    • Opportunities in Banking
    • Key Considerations for Banks when deploying AI
  • Section 3: AI Supplier Market Landscape
    • Overall AI Market Size
    • Key Market trends
    • Investments in AI
    • Key Banks with investments in AI startups
    • Major Artificial Intelligence Trends for 2021 and beyond
  • Section 4: Applications of AI in Banking
    • Customer service / engagement (Chatbot)
    • Intelligent Operations
    • Robo advice
    • General Purpose / Predictive Analytics
    • Cross-sell optimization
    • Quantitative & Asset Management
    • Regulatory, Compliance, & Fraud Detection
    • Cybersecurity
    • Credit Scoring / Direct Lending
    • Insurance
  • Section 5: AI deployment Models
  • Section 6: Market landscape and Key Suppliers
  • Section 7: Case Studies
    • Case Study 1 – Customer engagement
    • Case Study 2 – Robo-Advice
    • Case Study 3 – Efficient Trade Management
    • Case Study 4 – Smart Automation
    • Case Study 5 – Fraud Detection
    • Case Study 6 – Credit-Worthiness
    • Case Study 7 – Enhanced Branch Performance
  • Section 8: AI Use Cases
  • Section 9: AI Industry Outlook

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Applications of Artificial Intelligence In Banking 2021

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