Ozan SuperApp announces completion of UnionPay International Membership

Ozan SuperApp, Turkey, Albaraka Turk, Ozan Electronic Money Turkey, open banking, UnionPay International, Ozan SuperApp was introduced to its users in Turkey in February 2021. Since then the company has continued its licensing and infrastructure efforts required to start providing services in the United Kingdom, the European Union and the USA.

Within this goal, Ozan SuperApp worked deliberately on its UnionPay International membership. UnionPay is a payment scheme over the world, providing high quality, cost effective and secure cross-border payment services to the worldwide cardholder base. Now, Ozan SuperApp announced that it has completed its UnionPay International membership.

CEO of Ozan SuperApp, Omer Suner sharing his opinion on the partnership said, ”With the cooperation we entered with UnionPay International, Ozan SuperApp users will be able to create their UnionPay virtual cards on the go, as well as enjoying a physical presence of a prepaid card in their pocket.”

Suner added, “We have started our journey from Turkey, not only following the Orient Express towards the West, but also the ancient Silk Road towards the East. Our UnionPay membership gives as a unique travel pass into the Far Eastern market, especially into key countries such as Indonesia, Japan, South Korea. We’re pleased and honored to share seats with UnionPay on this ride.”

Dr. Ozan Ozerk, founder of Ozan SuperApp, offered his views on the UnionPay International membership and said, ‘When we look at the current fintech landscapes, we see that most neobanks focus on their domestic market. Increased domestic competition is great for domestic usage, but often represent little added value for international travellers and small businesses aiming to expand abroad, other than reduced exchange fee.”

Dr. Ozan Ozerk went on to say, ”With the Ozan SuperApp we’re focusing on bringing together the best services from each domestic market and providing them globally as an integrated part of the Ozan SuperApp. We like to consider ourselves as a market place for the best domestic players in the world.

With our international financial license network we aim to serve small businesses as well as the large unbanked and the underbanked consumers across the world. By thinking global and focusing local, we believe we’re heading in the right direction. Teaming up with UnionPay International, a market leader in several domestic markets in the Far East, we believe we have taken yet another solid step to realize our vision.”

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