OpenSys unveils X-Kiosk, a new digital payment solution

OpenSys, X-Kiosk, digital payment solution, e-wallet Financial services solution provider OpenSys has launched the X-Kiosk, described as a digital lifestyle payment solution aimed at bringing digital financial accessibility to underserved communities. The X-Kiosk is the result of collaborations between GoBiz by U Mobile, TNG Digital, dobiQueen and ECO-Shop, the company said in a statement.

X-Kiosk allows customers to conduct cost providers for themselves or on behalf of different customers because the kiosk can be utilised for pay as you go for reloads, e-wallet top-ups, SIM card substitute, SIM card buying, invoice funds and mortgage repayments, the company mentioned.

According to media reports, Eric Lim, chief government officer of OpenSys, said that the corporate considers the X-Kiosk is well positioned to help the Malaysian authorities’ MyDigital initiatives to promote more Malaysians to undertake a digital cost life-style. “We are delighted with this key milestone as X-Kiosk will bring great convenience to the underserved communities for a better digital lifestyle,” Lim shared.

He added, “Settling payments is easy now, as X-Kiosk offers the most comprehensive payment modes in cash, credit/ debit cards and e-wallets. It is also a platform to convert cash to e-wallet for the underserved communities to participate in the digital economy.”

The company said the X-Kiosk additionally serves as an extended payment service channel without requiring brick-and-mortar investment from participating merchants. Up to 120 units of X-Kiosk will be deployed this year in high traffic community-based lifestyle locations such as retail outlets, convenience stores, residential buildings, universities and colleges.

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