YIELD App announces new API & partners with hybrid liquidity aggregator Finxflo

YIELD App announces new API & partners with hybrid liquidity aggregator Finxflo

YIELD App, bridging traditional finance and DeFi via an app, has announced the launch of a new API enabling any FI to offer high-yielding products powered by DeFi to their client base.

The firm has also announced that its partner Finxflo, a leading hybrid liquidity aggregator, will allow its users to invest securely into YIELD App without exiting their platform. Both companies are taking a regulated approach to DeFi and investing in DeFi. 

Through the API integration, Finxflo will allow users holding parked assets within the regulated and insured custody access to quantitative DeFi trading strategies, generating significant annual percentage yield (APY). With this collaboration, Finxflo is expecting to bring in new capital to both the cryptocurrency market and YIELD App’s platform.

“Our new API will offer high-yielding products powered by DeFi for third-party financial institutions and their client base. By unlocking these new yield options and integrating with leading companies in the space like Finxflo, we hope to bring DeFi investing to millions of users across the globe,” said Tim Frost, CEO of YIELD App. 

Earlier this month, YIELD App announced the public launch of its web platform after raising $4.9 mn in a hybrid fund. To date, the company has over 10,000 users, and more than 30% of the current YLD token supply being held in YIELD App wallets.

“Finxflo is unique in that we are a multi-jurisdictional entity, not just a protocol. We are regulated (under MAS grandfathering status) in Singapore and will be regulated in the US and EU in the coming months. Our relationship with the YIELD App team happened organically, as we are both taking a regulated approach to investing in DeFi. We strongly believe by partnering with YIELD App, we can uplift the reputation of and accelerate the acceptance of digital assets as a mainstream commodity class,” said James Gillingham, CEO of Finxflo.

Finxflo is a regulated, secure trading platform designed to offer the best rates and prices from the world’s leading CeFi and DeFi protocols through one connection, account, and KYC process.

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