Value Xd announces its updated platform Value Xd Impact 2.0

Value Xd, a UK registered cloud-based analytics platform provider, states that we are now entering a new age where disclosing carbon footprints and climate-related information is entrenched in regulatory frameworks in the UK, EU, US, and worldwide.

Understanding and measuring carbon footprints is now an unavoidable responsibility. To deliver on such a responsibility, businesses, investors, and markets need tools and metrics to facilitate the measurement and assessment.

Offering a platform that transforms the existing analytical value chain within one integrated technology, Value Xd Impact 2.0 introduces new tools that allow businesses and investors a seamless analytical ecosystem to aggregate their financial and ESG data, analysis, performance, and reporting.

Value Xd Impact enhances the effectiveness of organisational intelligence creation and deployment for all stakeholders. Through its technology that can interface with any data source, where models and dashboards are shareable cloud-based tools, where teamwork and remote collaboration are inbuilt, users can do simulations and projections of their models and charts while presenting live to their audience.

Armen V. Papazian, the Chief Innovation Officer and CEO of Value Xd, said: “We are thrilled with the new updated release that has further enhanced security and made a number of improvements to our platform. Our team, partners, investors, and suppliers have collectively delivered this revolutionary technology that reimagines analytics, and I am truly delighted that everyone’s hard work and investment has brought us to this important moment in our history.”

Alex E. Grigoryan, the Chief Technology Officer of Value Xd, commented: “Value Xd has been a coding odyssey that has gone through many stages and chapters of innovation and development, all thanks to the many talented members of our team, past and present, who have worked diligently to make this new release a reality. Our technology is unique and offers an entirely new analytical experience.”

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