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True Global Ventures donates $200,000 to Ukraine

By Joy Dumasia

March 04, 2022

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True Global Ventures is a technology equity Venture Capital firm that invests in serial entrepreneurs and projects globally. True Global Ventures announced its donation of $200,000 to Unchain Ukraine, a charity project created by blockchain activists. A full list of ever-increasing supporters can be found on the Unchain Ukraine website. The project has also put an official request urging Venture Capitalists and Web3 peers to join the initiative and present a united front.

The crypto ecosystem has joined forces to present a united anti-war front by helping Ukrainians use the global reach of cryptocurrencies. Several projects have taken initiatives to donate and set up funds for the country, and True Global Ventures has joined the campaign.

True Global Ventures is standing firm on its anti-war position and promoting the humanitarian side of the world. The setup of Unchain Ukraine will enable a Public Audit Trail of the donations where every donation is approved using Unchain wallet’s multi-signature from nine keyholders. Every multi-sig wallet is configured that at least five out of ten signatures will be required to spend funds.

While the development is still in progress, the donations have already surpassed $2 million in crypto. The raised funds will support non-governmental organizations such as Voices of Children, International Medical Corps, and People in Need.

Moreover, True Global Ventures GPs and LPs have started personally supporting the portfolio company Forza Ikonia’s NFT initiative of “Stand with Ukraine”, which consists of 43 million copies of an NFT work, one each for the inhabitants of Ukraine.

The artwork created by Felipe Posada of The Invisible Realm fame depicts the Brandenburg Gate, which was often a site for major historical events throughout its existence. It is today considered a symbol of the tumultuous histories of Germany and Europe and European unity and peace.

Every artwork will be sold at $10 each, and 100% of the proceedings will be distributed to Ukrainian aid organizations. In a dire time of need, crypto has come to the rescue by offering instant financial aid in a secure and unprecedented way.

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