Surecomp partners with Profile Software to deliver trade and treasury solutions

profile softwareGlobal trade finance solutions Surecomp today announced that it will be partnering with Profile Software for offering a comprehensive response to the rising demand for trade finance digitization solutions and services in Greece and southeastern Europe.

“Profile is committed to meeting the needs of its customers and enabling their success. By mutually promoting our solutions Surecomp and Profile are able address regional market needs for flexible, future-proof, cloud and on-premise platforms complementing each other’s portfolio,” said Babis Stasinopoulos, CEO at Profile Software.

Profile Software stated that Surecomp will also represent the former’s solutions for banking, risk management and investment management, thus boosting the offering to its own customers.

Recently, Profile Software announced the launch of its Axia Suite. The solution leverages onboarding functionality and a digital client portal for addressing the increasing market needs in wealth, asset and fund management. Axia is the company’s omnichannel investment management platform.

“Profile’s strong track record, reputation and established network, position it as the partner of choice for Surecomp,” explained Guy Perry, Surecomp’s President. “We are excited to embark on this collaboration to deliver trade finance digitization, not just in Greece but also across other markets in central and eastern Europe.”

Founded in 1990, Profile Software is a specialised software solutions provider with offices in key financial centres and a presence in 40 countries across Europe, the Middle East, Asia, Africa and Americas delivering solutions to investment management and banking industries.

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