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Solarisbank announces successful migration to AWS

solarisbankEuropean Banking-as-a-Service platform, Solarisbank announced today that it has migrated all of its core banking systems, digital products and databased to Amazon Web Services. The AWS migration was completed in November. The Bank’s cloud migration process forms a part of its strategy of building a product and a tech platform for catering to the growing customer bases of its partners.

“Solarisbank is a tech company at heart. By migrating our entire infrastructure to AWS, we have equipped ourselves to create exceptional banking experiences for our partners and paved the way for our European expansion. With the shift to a cloud-first mentality, we have also become nimbler in our product development. I am proud of the team for completing the migration so swiftly and without any downtime or impact to our customers,” said Hima Mandali, CTO of Solarisbank.

The Bank stated that the selection of AWS will enable it to benefit from its global infrastructure and a comprehensive set of cloud services.

Recently, Solarisbank announced a partnership with Samsung Electronics and Visa in a bid to bring Samsung Pay to Germany. With the collaboration, Samsung aims to offer its users with an enhanced mobile payment service in the market. The newly developed product will allow users to receive a virtual Visa debit card that can be linked to other German bank accounts. To connect Samsung Pay to a personal bank account, Solarisbank uses KYC-process which does not require a video identification or branch visit.

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