Paysend launches 4.0 version of its money transfer app

FinTech Paysend today announced the global rollout of its new Paysend 4.0 app, combining the firm’s international transfers, multicurrency accounts and cross-border payments in an all-in-one digital APP. The launch started in the UK and is being rolled out all over Europe.

The new Paysend 4.0 is a fully upgraded version on existing Global Transfers app. It embeds several important features like Money Transfer, a multi-currency Global Account and a physical and virtual card. Its multi-currency account allows users to open different currency wallets, hold up to several currencies at any one time (GBP, USD, EUR, CHF, CNY, PLN, CZK), and switch between them instantly so you can send money to over 128 countries in the world.

These currencies can then be linked to the Paysend Mastercard or in-app Virtual Card and be used for online purchases, everyday purchases or at ATMs worldwide with low fees. Customers can add all their existing banks on this one app, and they can view all their balances and bank statements of the last 90 days on Paysend.

“We want to change the way deal with money, connecting millions of people around the globe in a seamless way. The new Paysend 4.0 is an app that will make the life of customers so much easier: with low, fixed fees, an intuitive and simple interface, amazing rates, and of course our powerful digital technology” Abhishek Tripathi, Head of Product at Paysend said.

“In this day and age, consumers want to manage their money on their terms, wherever in the world they are. The new Paysend app is a revolutionary tool to do this, in a way that is instant, borderless and affordable. Security, convenience and flexibility are the foundations on which we’ve built the new app, and we’re delighted to help millions of people every day with it. The Product Team at Paysend has been working with drive and passion to provide a new level of experience for all customers, and this is just the start of our innovation journey to create the money for the future.”

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