Datamatics digitises decision & approval and payment process for UTI Mutual Fund

Datamatics, UTI Mutual Fund, payments, digitalToday Mumbai-based Datamatics, a global digital solutions, technology, and BPM company, announced the successful implementation of its Digital Workplace Solution for UTI Mutual Fund. This involves digitising two critical processes for the seamless flow of information, higher transparency and agility across multiple offices. UTI Mutual Fund has over 160 financial centres across India with over 51,000 Mutual Fund Distributors.

As part of their digital transformation initiatives, UTI Mutual Fund wanted to digitise their paper-based processes. Multiple challenges from delays and loss of documents were faced due to the physical movement of files, delays in payment due to time taken for physical documents to move, and high cost of physical storage. Datamatics was chosen to digitise the Decision & Approval Process and Payment Process.

The Datamatics solution will provide the ability to swiftly track and access documents digitally. It will allow multiple stakeholders to access files remotely and get a real-time update on the status of the file movement.

Raghunatha Reddy – EVP & Head IT, UTI AMC said, “Datamatics has been a key partner in our Digital Transformation journey. The team was very flexible, innovative and proactive in their approach when it came to providing solution to our problem. It has been a few months since we implemented the solutions and we are happy with how we are working currently with this digital workplace.”

Bijon Mullick, SVP – Sales, Datamatics said, “We have completed more than 150 digital office projects globally helping enterprises to improve their efficiency, productivity, and scalability within a short time frame. Our extensive experience helps us to handle complex workflows involving multiple stakeholders in large enterprises. We are delighted to partner with UTI Mutual Fund. The successful implementation will enable them to improve productivity manifold.”

Datamatics Digital Workplace offers a cloud-based, paperless digital office solution. It can be customised and tailored to suit a wide set of business requirements including snail mail tracking and file management, digital office automation, and records management towards a remote collaborative workspace. It is said to enable enterprises to embrace an agile, safe, and scalable future-proof business model for supporting remote operations or the work from home culture.

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