buguroo changes to Revelock; boosts online fraud prevention

Online fraud prevention solutions provider buguroo announced it is changing its name to Revelock to reflect the company’s commitment to not just reveal fraud, but also preemptively respond to and block attacks. The company stated that it will focus on advancing the fight against fraud by leveraging behavioural biometrics and hybrid AI to “Know Your User” (KYU), continuously verify their BionicID digital fingerprint and prevent account takeover by RATs, zero-day malware, bots, phishing and social engineering scams.

“We were pioneers in using behavioral biometrics to fight fraud,” said Pablo de la Riva, CEO & Founder, Revelock. This is a major milestone for the company as we once again lead the industry with an active defense approach and automation of both fraud detection and response.”

Revelock has also announced a new Advisory Board, made up of industry veterans in digital identities, payments, fraud and financial crime. It also unveiled the Revelock Fraud Detection & Response (FDR) Platform, updating and enhancing capabilities to protect against more threats and further reduce the operational costs of fighting fraud.

“Fraud teams need a proactive, “always on” platform to prevent tenacious adversaries from taking over user accounts,” said Monica Pal, cybersecurity industry veteran and Revelock Advisory Board Chair. “Revelock provides a continuous, adaptive solution to silently verify authentic users while blocking bad actors again and again, making it too frustrating and expensive for these attackers to continue their attempts.”

Revelock’s focus on training hybrid AI systems with behavioral biometric signals to “Know Your User” is a game changer in the industry,” said Alex Doll, General Partner Ten Eleven Ventures. “At every sign-in, the Revelock platform quietly and continuously interprets new user signals, allowing banks to verify customers without impacting their digital experience. Bad actors can also be identified, giving security teams full visibility and enhanced defense capabilities. It’s a powerful new tool in the fraud-fighting arsenal and one that we are very excited to help bring to market.”

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