Al Salam Bank launches the first prepaid card in Turkish Lira

Al Salam, Bank, Bahrain, Turkish Lira, prepaid card Al Salam Bank announced the launch of its prepaid card in Turkish Lira, enabling clients to easily top up and make transactions in the currency while travelling to Turkey, or shopping online. Also available in Bahraini Dinars, US Dollars, Euros, and Pound Sterling, the prepaid card comes as the latest addition to the Bank’s suite of multi-currency prepaid cards and is the first to be offered in Turkish Lira in the Kingdom of Bahrain.

The launch of the prepaid card in Turkish Lira comes as a part of Al Salam Bank’s ongoing commitment to meeting its client’s needs through the provision of a payment solution for the touristic destination, Turkey. The card improves clients’ travel budget management by facilitating direct payment, eliminating the need to carry cash, and the advantage of paying in currency without incurring additional exchange rate fees. The card can also be used for online purchases, as it provides a secure payment solution for online stores.

Al Salam Bank offers a range of top-up methods for clients using any of the Bank’s multi-currency prepaid cards. Top up may be facilitated through the Al Salam Bank App, website, ePayment portal, at any of the bank’s ATMs or by visiting a branch.

Commenting on the launch, Mr. Mohammed Buhijji, Head of Retail Banking at Al Salam Bank said, “We are pleased to be launching our prepaid card in Turkish Lira to Al Salam Bank’s clients in the Kingdom of Bahrain. Through this unique product, we aim to enable a larger segment of our clients to benefit from carrying out their transactions in foreign currencies while travelling and shopping online. With Turkey being a favourite tourist destination amongst our clientele, the provision of a prepaid card in Turkish Lira was a natural step. This comes in line with our ongoing commitment to providing clients an integrated banking experience, enhanced by high-end, seamless services tailored to their needs. Ultimately, the prepaid card is designed with our client’s convenience in mind, as it is a safe and secure payment solution, eliminating the need to carry cash in lieu of a global pandemic.”

The prepaid card additionally aims to raise financial awareness amongst clients, particularly the Bank’s younger clientele. The cards serve to manage expenses and establish a budget, during travel.

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