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If you are a bank making an investment in a new technology or upgrading your existing system, IBSI research provides you with all the answers that you are looking for to make the right decision.

Our monthly IBS Journal & research reports provide you insights on the latest developments and trends in the dynamic financial technology sector. Our exhaustive and in-depth supplier coverage (over 300+ suppliers) will enable you to shortlist key suppliers you can partner with. IBSI has also documented case studies of successful implementations across systems and regions.

Our latest proprietary deal dataset and analytics tool “IBS SalesVision”, will help you develop a strong understanding of technology investments by peer banks.

IBSI team is also able to run a full-day workshop to provide financial technology related insight to your team at a mutually decided location or to provide insights over a call via our expert call / analyst call offering.

Our parent firm, Cedar Management Consulting International LLC, has a 30-year track record of helping our banking clients design enterprise banking architecture, defining business requirements and determining the best-fit system, and to successfully program managing the implementation.

Please reach out to us at enquiries@ibsintelligence.com

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