Webinar | Digital Onboarding | Creating a great first Impression

Onboarding is often a customer’s first touchpoint with a bank or financial institution. It creates the first impression in the consumer’s mind – one that can be made positive through convenient digital onboarding. In a crowded Middle Eastern BFSI market where the threat from new-age players is consistently rising, it is imperative for banks to develop factors to differentiate themselves from their competition.

This webinar explored digital onboarding as a crucial first step in winning and keeping today’s tech-savvy customers and increasing operational efficiency, as demonstrated by a UAE-based bank’s 60% month-on-month increase in digital onboarding volumes and a GCC bank’s 30%-70% reductions in customer acquisition costs. It also discussed the current landscape of digital onboarding, key success factors, and the multitude of intertwined components which together provide a best-in-class digital onboarding process.

On the panel were:

  • Mujahid Said Dawood Al Zadjaly, General Manager – IT & Operations, Bank Nizwa
  • Rick Woodham, Head of Product Strategy and Business Solutions, Tagit
  • Shahzad Anjum, CIO, Gulf Bank Kuwait
  • Chetan Parekh, Partner, Cedar Management Consulting International