Webinar | Banking & Metaverse | What, Why & How

Metaverse and virtual engagements present many opportunities for the banking industry and are an area of immense interest, focus and debate in the last few years. What should banks do to harness the potential of enhanced UX? Why should banks leverage Metaverse as it gets to engage with its customers, partners and employees? How is the transition from the real world to virtual avatars likely to unfold as we traverse this journey?

Watch this engaging webinar on Banking & Metaverse and draw from the insights of the eminent panelists, both from a Banking and Technology perspective.

The panel includes:

  • Rajesh Mirjankar, Managing Director & CEO, Kiya.ai
  • Venkataraman S V, Managing Director, ANZ, Bangalore
  • V. Ramkumar, Senior Partner, Cedar Management Consulting (moderator)