Core Banking Modernization: The Foundations for a Digital Ecosystem

Digital Banking in Africa is gaining significant traction in terms of regulatory initiatives, technological advancements, and customer preferences. However, legacy core systems have acted as a barrier for African banks to truly embrace the benefits of digitisation. Legacy systems have long been marred by process inefficiencies, high time to market, rigidity, and limited functionality to integrate with new-age systems. As a result, Africa as a market player has lagged behind its global counterparts.

The webinar will cover four anchors of core modernisation and approaches associated with core banking modernisation and the advantages that follow with the adoption of a modern core. We will also discuss every aspect related to the successful implementation of a modern core, including market factors and potential roadblocks. The webinar emphasises the need for African banks operating on a legacy core to take the next step towards core modernisation to unlock the true potential of digitisation in terms of customer-centricity, scalability and building an integrated banking ecosystem in the continent.

Please join our panel of experts to know how Core Banking Modernization can help banks derive true benefits of digitisation.

On the panel are:

  • Al-Amin Sadruddin Merchant, Group Chief Technology Officer and Digital Transformation, Exim Bank (Tanzania) Limited
  • Charles Washika, Director ICT and Innovation, Co-operative Bank of Kenya
  • Raju Daryani, Business Head, Digital Core, iGCB, Intellect Design Arena
  • Vincenzo Casillo, Principal, Cedar Management Consulting
  • Robin Amlot, Managing Editor, IBS Intelligence (Moderator)