Established in 1991, IBS Intelligence is the definitive source of independent news, analysis & research relating to global financial technology markets. IBS has an integrated offering of a comprehensive research portfolio and a range of value added services:

  • Research eLibrary. 330 research reports covering all key banking technology systems and topics, and 200 suppliers – the largest supplier coverage by any leading research firm. We constantly update our research, with trending topics expected to have a meaningful impact on the dynamics of the financial services industry. The research is driven by our independence, knowledge and expertise aggregated over nearly 25 years.
  • The iconic IBS Journal. Each monthly issue with news, case studies, leadership interviews, and insights, is augmented by an IBS Feature Focus dedicated to critical FinTech topics. Our globally recognized annual Sales League Table issue ranks suppliers by unit sales in key banking technology areas.
  • SalesVision. Our proprietary supplier sales database portal with business intelligence capability capturing over 5000 system sales by system type, supplier, and banking clients globally.
  • Integrated System Research Modules. 15 different key system packages averaging 200 pages of integrated research from our complete knowledge base.
  • Value-Added-Services. Analyst Inquiry Blocks designed to rapidly provided insights to our research clients and Advisory Days to deep dive specific areas of a client’s interest, Thought Leadership White Papers to position your organization as a thought leader, attract market attention and stimulate sales conversations.
  • Consulting Programs leveraging a seasoned consulting team, to work with banking, supplier, consulting or investor/PE clients to achieve measurable impact as they move along their role on the FinTech highway.
  • CedarIBS FinTech Index. CIFTI – the first global index of FinTech stocks cover over 200 stocks. The index is updated periodically. Instant comparison across companies, and other indexes with charting capability.
  • Website. A globally ranked website, dedicated to the FinTech industry providing extensive daily global coverage of in-depth news & analysis, thought leadership, case studies, leadership interviews, CIFTI, calendar of global conferences, and easy-access client log-in.

IBS Intelligence is a division of Cedar Management Consulting International LLC, a leading global management and technology consulting practice. Cedar enhances the value proposition to the IBS Intelligence clients by bringing deep knowledge and operational experience in developing and executing banking technology transformation initiatives worldwide.

Our research and consulting services have a proven track record of resulting in a significant positive financial and operating impact for our clients.

Reach out to us today to learn how we can meet your FinTech needs, and add value to your business.