Established in 1991, IBS Intelligence is the definitive source of independent analysis & research for global FinTech markets. This research is driven by our independence, knowledge and expertise aggregated over 27 years. IBS Intelligence has been selected by Thomson Reuters, Capital IQ and Bloomberg, the world’s leading research platforms – an endorsement of the quality and depth of our research.

We have a comprehensive research portfolio, and a range of value added services:

  • 330 research reports & case studies covering all key areas of banking technology and over 250 suppliers – the largest supplier coverage by any leading research firm! Our research covers all traditional FinTech and CoolTech systems.
  • PRISM – An integrated offering of all our research for 15 different system types.
  • The iconic monthly IBS Journal. Each issue is augmented by an IBS Feature Focus dedicated to a trending topic pertinent to the banking technology industry with analysis, leadership interviews, case studies, and news.
  • Our annual Sales League Table ranks suppliers by unit sales in key banking technology areas. In
    addition, our database portal SalesVision captures over 7000 system sales by system type, supplier, & banking clients globally.
  • IBS Intelligence’s Value-Added-Services include White Papers, Case Studies, and Analyst Inquiry Blocks designed to rapidly provide customized insights to our research clients, Advisory Days to deep dive on specific areas of clients interest, and Consulting Programs to work with clients over an extended period to achieve measurable client impact.
  • IBSI’s Website provides extensive daily coverage of in-depth news & analysis of events globally. It also includes a Leadership Forum, Case Studies, an innovative CedarIBS FinTech Index – the first global index of FinTech stocks.

The Editorial Team is updating news every day. The Research Team is updating reports every month. This ensures all our clients are right on top of trends in a rapidly changing and disruptive marketplace.

IBS Intelligence is a member of the group that owns Cedar Management Consulting International LLC, a leading global management and technology consulting firm. Cedar enhances the value proposition to the IBS Intelligence clients, by not only having global presence, but more importantly, by bringing deep knowledge and operational experience in developing and executing banking technology transformation initiatives worldwide.