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Back Office Systems & Suppliers Report 2020

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Inviting nominations for the 2021 edition of the IBS Intelligence Annual Sales League Table

It’s that time of the year again! It’s time for the 2021 edition of the IBS Intelligence Annual Sales League Table, the industry acknowledged barometer of global banking technology supplier performance!

We at IBSI have been reporting the Sales League table every year for over 20 years now. The 2020 edition had 62 participants, and covered 2,500 deals in 150 countries across 14 categories. The SLT is focused on the individual products / solutions for each domain and not on the supplier.

Covid-19 and its aftermath, will make this year’s SLT more significant than ever. Not only will it recognize sales-performance excellence, but also provide a platform to participants to celebrate their success and resilience in this pandemic-hit year. This time, we have added a few new categories, based on popular feedback and requests from suppliers.

In addition to the Global Sales League table, IBSI will also be publishing the Domestic Sales League Tables for India, US, Russia and the UK. This will highlight excellence in the domestic performance by suppliers, in their respective solution domains.

Based on the data received, the IBSI will also publish the Islamic Sales League Table and the Pure play digital only segment table. IBSI will also release an IBSI SLT leaderboard, covering the performance of the last five years across selected categories.

You can submit your nominations by filling up the submission form below to
The form explains the criteria, process and information required to participate in this year’s Sales League Table. For any other questions, you may refer to the FAQ document.
Please submit your responses on or before Friday, March 5, 2021. We will then have a series of validations, and potential clarifications post your submissions – so the earlier you submit your nomination, the better!
We look forward to your submissions!

IBSI SLT 2021 Categories

1. Universal Banking Systems | Core
2. Retail Banking Systems | Core
3. Wholesale Banking | Treasury & Capital Market Systems
4. Wholesale Banking | Transaction Banking Systems
5. Lending Systems | Retail
6. Lending Systems | Corporate
7. Private Banking Systems & Wealth Management Systems
8. Investment & Fund Management Systems
9. Digital Banking & Channels
10. Payment Systems | Wholesale Payments
11. CRM
12. Payment Systems | Retail Payments & Card Systems
13. Risk Management Systems
14. Compliance Management Systems
15. Customer Loyalty Solutions
16. Conversational Banking Solutions
17. Cyber/Digital Security Solutions
18. InsurTech Solutions
19. Data Warehouse & Business Intelligence Solutions
20. Reconciliation Solutions
IBSI SLT 2021 Supplier Submission Form