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Market Reports

Our market reports help clients stay updated on the latest developments in the dynamic financial technology sector. These reports include an overview of the market, insights and key trends. The latest addition to our catalogue is the report on the Future of Digital Banking.

Alongside the facts and figures, IBS draws on two decades of experience to provide incisive commentary. This brings visibility to the business drivers, selection challenges, decision-making, and future direction of the sector.

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Supplier & System Reports

Our supplier and system reports are a definitive resource of information of a wide variety of banking systems & their suppliers – back office, payment, universal banking, wealth management, treasury & capital markets, Islamic, risk management to name a few. These reports contain the strengths, weaknesses, functionality and verified user lists to form an unbiased picture of the merits of each of the systems and its supplier.

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Case Studies

Case studies are based on real-life banking system implementations drawing on the personal experiences of top-tier executives, IT directors, project co-ordinators and managers from financial institutions around the world. This extensive online compilation of independently researched case studies presents an unbiased view of the challenges faced by each financial institution, and the outcomes

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