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Since 1991, the iconic IBSi FinTech Journal has given subscribers around the world a strong monthly dose of trends, predictions, interviews, news, rankings, and insights on global banking technology and Financial Technology markets. Each month’s issue comes with 60 pages of content that will help you stay informed on latest Financial Technology innovation trends globally, with the aim of helping you stay competitive, make informed investment decisions, and drive effective Financial Technology and banking strategies.

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Banking Technology and Financial Technology areas covered

1.  Core Banking
2. Back Office Systems
3. Transaction Banking
4. Wealth Management and Private Banking
5. Treasury and Capital Markets
6. Risk Technology
7. RegTech
8. Islamic Banking
9. Cybersecurity
10. Digital Banking
11. Platformification
12. Open Banking

13. P2P Lending
14. Robotics Process Automation
15. Artificial Intelligence
16. Machine Learning
17. Internet of Things (IoT)
18. Cloud
19. Big Data
20. Analytics
21. Digital Payments
22. Blockchain
23. Cryptocurrency
24. InsurTech

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Feature Focus

Each edition of the IBSi FinTech Journal carries a feature focus, that provides a deep dive perspective on a range of topics that are highly sought after by banks and financial institutions across the world. The coverage on the topic includes an interview with an industry leader, case studies, thought leadership analysis piece, industry perspectives and feature articles.

The feature focus coverage for 2021 includes:

  • January
    Feature Focus: Lookback 2020/Lookahead 2021 – achievements/trends/forecasts
  • February
    Feature Focus: Corporate Banking (Digital transaction banking, treasury management; capital markets; risk management)
  • March
    Feature Focus: Cyber-security, AML/CFT, data privacy, biometrics
    Regional Focus: UK & EU Financial Technology Market
  • April
    Feature Focus: Digital banking, Covid-19 analysis one year on
  • May
    Feature Focus: AI/ML, Big Data, BI, RPA & Cloud
    Regional Focus: North America Financial Technology Market
  • June
    Feature Focus: Platformification; open banking & APIs
    IBSI Sales League Table 2021 (highlights)
  • July
    Feature Focus: CRM & Core Banking Systems
    Regional Focus: India Financial Technology Market
  • August
    Feature Focus: Wealth Management and Private Banking, Robotic Advisers & InsurTech
  • September
    Feature Focus: Lending systems, P2P lending & Crowdfunding; IoT and 5g
    Regional Focus: ASEAN Financial Technology Market
  • October
    Feature Focus: RegTech & Regulators, fraud management
  • November
    Feature Focus: RTP, CBDC, stablecoins and crypto currencies, digital payments
  • December
    Feature focus: Islamic Banking Systems & Islamic Financial Technology
    Regional Focus: Middle East Financial Technology Market
    Global Financial Technology Innovation Awards 2021