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Banking Technology Case Studies 2019-20


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  1. Ten insightful case studies of implementations of leading banking technology suppliers from across the globe
  2. Case studies focusing on implementations of key systems five major systems types covering the front, middle and back-office areas
  3. Marquee implementations across Core Banking, Islamic Banking, Digital Banking, Lending, and Regtech
  4. Global case studies spread across Europe, the Middle East, Africa, and Asia
  5. A must-read for any bank/consultant embarking on a technology implementation journey to help understand the process, best practices, and pitfalls to watch out for in a transformation project


IBS Intelligence Banking Technology Case Studies report is a compilation of carefully curated case studies that were developed by IBSI over the last two years based on in-depth discussion with global suppliers and banks. Each case study showcases a real-life banking system implementation developed from the personal experiences of top-tier executives, IT directors, project coordinators, and managers from financial institutions around the world.

These independently researched case studies present an unbiased view of the complete implementation right from the system selection process, resources management, implementation challenges, key highlights, and benefits realized post-implementation.

Banks, consultants, and any party involved in a banking technology transformation will find this report insightful. Read the report to find out:

  • How a bank was able to achieve a 21% growth in high-value transactions after the introduction of two-factor authentication
  • How an Islamic Bank was able to complete a transformation project in just 8 months, which involved the migration from two-tier architecture to a Java-based three-tier one as well upgrading the database from an older Sybase to the latest version
  • How a leading consumer finance provider was able to transform its collection management system with real-time reconciliation and advanced omnichannel communication capabilities while ensuring zero business impact during implementation

Table of Contents

  •  Core Banking Case Studies                              4
    Autosoft Dynamics – Finca Microfinance          4
    Path Solutions – Boubyan Bank                            6
  • Digital Banking Case Studies                            8
    Infosys Finacle – RAKBANK                                  8
    Techurate – Zambia  Industrial  Commercial Bank  Ltd (ZICB) 10
  • Islamic Banking Case Studies                          12
    BML Istisharat – Bank Simpanan Nasional Malaysia    12
    Path Solutions – BankDhofar Maisarah Islamic      14
  • Lending Case Studies                                      16
    Loxon – Home Credit International                    16
    Nucleus Software – Roha Housing Finance      18
  • Regtech Case Studies                                        20
    Capital Banking Solution – Cedrus Bank          20
    MORS Software – BanCoppel                              22