Product stack diagnostic & way forward recommendations for a leading Indian Payments Technology provider

Client Cases

The Client

Our client is a leading retail payments provider with 2,500+ employees based in India. The client has a comprehensive portfolio of solutions spanning issuance, acquiring, ATMs, reconciliation, security, and real-time payments, with a global presence across four continents. The client was keen to develop a product proposition within the payments market to strengthen its product offerings & build a robust customer base

The IBSi Approach

The client mandated IBSi to conduct a product stack diagnostic & develop way forward recommendations for its payment systems business. IBSi carried out the following activities to accomplish the client’s objectives:

  • A detailed analysis of the client’s payment solutions
  • 18 products within the client’s portfolio were evaluated on the parameters of strategic alignment, product features, go-to-market readiness & implementation capabilities
  • The product development approach for the solutions in terms of product design, requirement engineering, release management & development were set
  • Subsequent recommendations with a focus on innovation & global competitor insights were provided for the assessment observations conducted by IBSi
  • Technology architecture & interface capabilities for the solutions in the portfolio were assessed on a granular level
  • A product roadmap for the next eight quarters was formulated, for each of the 18 products
  • A go-to market roadmap was laid out in detail for seven geographies which the client wished to strengthen its presence in


  • The detailed evaluation of each of the 18 products in the stack aided the client in a deeper understanding of the product & enhanced the portfolio
  • The evaluation helped in better pricing of products based on the assessment of their implementation capabilities & growth rates in each market
  • Strengths & gaps in the product portfolio were identified; mitigation measures were prescribed for gaps in the products
  • Recommendations on the product development approach led to higher penetration in existing markets
  • The future alignment exercise conducted by IBSi provided deep insights into the Cloud readiness of the overall product stack
  • A new opportunity was assessed, which would complement the existing product stack & result in greater market exposure
  • An end-to-end implementation plan for the roll-out of product portfolio roadmap and go-to market approach was aligned with IBSi’s prioritisation matrix & the client’s strategic objectives