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Ep 24: Rehan Yar Khan, Managing Partner, Orios Venture Partners

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  • Ep 24: Rehan Yar Khan, Managing Partner, Orios Venture Partners

Rehan Yar Khan, Partner and Founder of Indian VC fund Orios Venture Partners. The VC, which started with its investments in consumer-facing Internet start-ups such as ride-sharing Unicorn Ola Cabs, the focus is now to invest in the booming Indian FinTech ecosystem. The VC now plans to invest a third of its fund in FinTech start-ups in 2020. Rehan, however, doesn’t follow the herd. He talks to IBS Intelligence about his strategy and thesis for the “Next India or rural India.” Rehan feels India is a different market and that urban consumers behave differently from those in rural areas. Orios has some impressive line-ups in its portfolio for this year! Besides, Rehan is also a writer and speaks to us about his latest book  “Make Your Own Luck”.
Let’s listen to this Podcast for more details.

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