Global market assessment and partner search across 50+ countries for a UK-based leading FinTech solutions provider

Client Cases

The Client

Our client is one of the biggest FinTech solution providers, headquartered in London, with over USD 2 Billion in revenues. The client was keen to explore opportunities in select under-penetrated markets (including MEA & APAC). IBSi also had to identify potential partnership opportunities for market penetration.

The IBSi Approach

The client mandated IBSi to perform a global market assessment and partner search across 50+ countries, including China. The following activities were undertaken:

  • Comprehensive evaluation of 50+ countries across four regions
  • Detailed insights and analysis on global, regional, and local competitors
  • Development of a way forward growth & expansion strategy
  • Identification of potential partners based on pre-determined criteria
  • Successful program execution in ~7-8 weeks using IBSi’s Delphi technique


IBSi successfully completed the market assessment and partner search with the following outcomes:

  • Identified critical success factors for market expansion
  • Created a structured prioritization of primary and secondary focus markets
  • Shortlisted 69 potential partners and delivered actionable intelligence and insights on each firm
  • Developed a sales approach and strategy for key account management