Twins of New Age Banking | Digital Banking & Customer Experience

The global transition to digital technologies has unleashed brand new possibilities. There is now an elementary need for well-developed digital channels and best-in-class banking customer experiences. In times when almost everything is digitally accessible, it is not enough for technology to stand out in a sea of other solutions. Customer experience is what differentiates successful digital financial services from failures.

The key to success is integrating customer-centric thinking throughout the organisation to ensure that financial solutions match user needs and expectations. Undoubtedly the future of banking customer service is digital but there needs to be a harmony between technology and the human touch – something providers need to continuously monitor and re-assess.

On the panel were:

  • Devid Jegerson, Head of CX & Platform Development, National Bank of Fujairah
  • Ritesh Varma, Head of Global Presales and Solution Sales, Newgen Software
  • William Rathinasamy, CEO, Cuelebre AB
  • Nitin Kanaujiya, Engagement Manager, Cedar Management Consulting