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IBS Journal

IBS Journal is an iconic publication that provides a global perspective on banking technology and has been in circulation for over 25 years. The monthly publication covers a wide range of subjects pertinent to the financial technology industry worldwide. Each issue – accompanied by a dedicated Supplement – includes the latest news and developments in the industry, detailed case studies, analysis, interviews and other feature articles, as well as the latest industry gossip. Independently researched and written, IBS Journal is an unrivalled source of valuable information.


Market Reports

IBS Intelligence has been analysing the international and regional core banking and back office software markets for over 25 years. Our reports represent the industry’s definitive snapshot of what has been going on in the core banking, lending, payment, wealth management & private banking, treasury & capital markets, Islamic banking back office software sectors across geographies.


Vendor & System Reports

Our vendor and system reports are a definitive source of information on a wide variety of banking systems and their suppliers – back office, payment, universal banking, retail banking, corporate banking, wealth management and private banking, treasury and capital markets, Islamic banking, risk management to name a few. These reports contain detailed data, profiling the strengths and weaknesses of systems and their providers, underlying technology and functionality, customer experiences and verified user lists, to form an unbiased picture of the merits of each offering.


Case Study Reports

Our case study reports are based on real-life banking system implementations, drawing on the personal experiences of top-tier executives, IT directors, project co-ordinators and managers from banks and financial institutions around the world. Our extensive online compilation of independently researched case studies presents an unbiased view of the challenges faced by each financial institution, project milestones and the outcomes, and lessons learnt.