Accelerated market participation & product enhancement study in GCC for a Digital Banking solutions provider

Client Cases

The Client

Our client is a digital banking solutions provider based in Singapore which builds & deploys secure & scalable omnichannel digital solutions for major banks in Asia, Middle East & Africa. The client wanted to accelerate its market participation in the Middle East to penetrate further into the market & enhance its product offerings to cater to a broader consumer base

The IBSi Approach

The client mandated IBSi to perform a market assessment in the Middle East (focusing on the GCC region) & conduct a detailed product review of competitors in the region. The following activities were undertaken:

  • A market study understand the GCC economy, along with a comprehensive analysis of digital penetration in the key geographies of Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Qatar & UAE
  • Banking landscapes were formulated for these geographies; comparisons between the top banks & banking systems were provided for each region
  • Key implications for each geography in terms of digital banking & FinTech innovations were highlighted help the client gain a better insight into the market
  • Detailed profiling of system integrators in the GCC region
  • A functional, technical & competitive assessment for the top four digital banking suppliers in the GCC region


  • The market study helped the client leverage digitally mature markets for accelerated market participation
  • IBSi developed a prioritisation matrix & recommended a way forward strategy for market entry into previously untapped markets
  • The geography-wise market implications helped in enhancing the client’s market growth strategy by understanding the USPs of each market
  • System integrator profiling enabled the client to make well-informed decisions in the evaluation of synergies with various SIs
  • The digital banking value chain analysis, functional, technical & competitive reviews of other suppliers, provided the client with a list of ‘Must-have’ & ‘Good to have features’ for product enhancement
  • The analysis of 50+ features offered by competitors across functional & technical areas assisted the client in developing the optimum product mix & providing an innovative offering